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  • BizzInn - Did you know our University has a special Business Acceleration Program for research spinouts and young high-tech startups? If your company/idea is based on some scientific breakthrough or interesting technology, they can help you validate, develop, and grow it to the commercial success! Visit their intranet page or dedicated website for more.
  • NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator - NatWest's Accelerator, Pre-Accelerator, and Fintech Accelerator have been tailored to empower entrepreneurs at any stage. They provide unique coaching, environments, digital learning, and connections. Find out more on the Accelerator's web page.
  • B-Enterprising Ideas Fund - Have an idea? Need some material, equipment, marketing campaign or something else that helps you test or grow? The B-Enterprising Ideas Fund is here to help you! You can get seed funding to try your business idea out, even if it's just a plain idea at the moment. Find out more on the intranet page.
  • Alumni Impact Fund - Fund made up of charitable donations from alumni of the University of Birmingham for innovative ideas that can benefit student life and experience. All University of Birmingham students are eligible to apply! Find out more on the fund's intranet!
Mentoring is a great way to take your enterprising career to the next level. It not only allows you too access information and advice from experienced professionals/entrepreneurs but also highly expand your network what is truly invaluable for an aspiring entrepreneur. Careers Network provides great mentoring schemes where you can get the mentor from the group of the best Birmingham alumni. People who are leaders in their fields, run multi-million dollar companies or are awarded awards like Forbes 30 under 30. Find out more on the Careers Network Mentoring intranet!
  • Startup Games - Pitch your idea in 5 minutes to industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and representatives of business giants for a chance to win a cash prize. It's an amazing opportunity to practice your pitching skills, refine your business idea, and showcase it to potential investors. Follow our FB page for updates.
  • B-Enterprising Bootcamp - An intensive and exciting 3-day weekend event exclusively for University of Birmingham students. Form teams, pick a challenge set by Virgin Start-Up and Careers Network, and then work together to create a winning formula before pitching on the final day for a chance to win cash prizes and consultancy project opportunities. Read more and apply on the Bootcamp intranet page.


💖 Our own personal startup story 💖

Are you interested in learning how to start a business? Are you a big fan of Silicon Valley? Don't even know what Silicon Valley is? Don't worry, we're here for everyone. Our purpose is to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of startups at the University of Birmingham. We aim to teach you the entrepreneurial skills which you will find useful later on in your career, whether as a founder of your own enterprise or an employee at a company. Startup Soc is a platform where students can meet other students interested in technology, design, and business, discuss new trends and pursue their ideas together.

Startup Soc was founded in October 2017. This year is going to be our second year in operation and we've learnt a lot from the past year's failures and successes. In the 2018/2019 academic year Startup Society will be bigger, more quality-focused and we will ensure to provide you with both knowledge and the entrepreneurial fun.

During the academic year, we organise a variety of events such as startup 101 lectures, company treks, workshops with tech giants, exploring new trends lectures, competitions, and socials. To ensure the highest quality of delivery and content, we invite entrepreneurs from all over the UK to speak on topics that are crucial for us, entrepreneurs. All of our events are free. We're also in partnership with 4 other Birmingham universities which means that by joining us you receive exclusive access to a huge network of other student entrepreneurs and more events - all this also for free.

If you're looking to meet open-minded, motivated and smart people from a variety of backgrounds join us and help us on our mission to encourage entrepreneurship among students. It's going to be amazing, we promise!

We strive to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and be a world‑class pre‑accellerator for startups driven by Birmingham students.

Meet the Team

🤓 Not all heroes wear capes 🤓
Mateusz Andrulewicz - Birmingham Startup Society

Mateusz Andrulewicz

Chief Executive Officer

Ex-Googler, passionate about startups and technology. Apart from Google, Mateusz also gained business development and marketing experience working at a startup in Hong Kong and at 2 British startups. Advertising enthusiast with traditional print ads and Mad Men being his two biggest obsessions.

Kacper Kielak - Birmingham Startup Society

Kacper Kielak

Chief Technical Officer

Total nerd, best AI&CS student, hackathons addict. Kacper fortified his tech skills by interning at multiple companies including Amazon and JPMorgan. Usually, you can find him in CS labs working on some new cutting-edge AI application, if he's not there he's probably getting beaten on an MMA mat or networking with a local tech community.

Alex Young - Birmingham Startup Society

Tomer Mozafi

Chief Innovation Officer

Tomer is an aspiring innovator who has started his journey in the entrepreneurial world in search for true answers to world problems. Currently studying 3rd year Business Management with Marketing, Tomer has been focusing on his start-up,, aiming to create value through digital innovation in artificial intelligence and cyber-security.

Laimdota Zimzare - Birmingham Startup Society

Laimdota Zizmare

Chief Operations Officer

Laim is a first-year EPSRC PhD student in Physical Sciences for Health focused on understanding how proteins on our heart cell membranes communicate with each other. However, in her free time she is a public speaking and adrenaline addict, occasionally takes part in musical activities and dreams about her own BioTech one day.

Henry Chen - Birmingham Startup Society

Matthew Kang Holding

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew is a final year Biomaterials Student who is passionate about entrepreneurship. He founded Hearty Foods for this reason. He has held numerous societal positions such as Trading Floor VP and wants to employ a host of innovative technologies to reach out to students. Matthew is also a student partner for entrepreneur first.

? - Birmingham Startup Society

Miruna Chipara

Chief Financial Officer

Mad scientist, Miruna believes in the advancement of science through entrepreneurship; graduated Biosciences with Business and among other things she worked in Stem Cell Research, in a tech start-up in Munich and at the SE European Research Centre. She now works on Tissue Engineering and 3D Bioprinting bringing healthcare technologies to market.